Service, Repairs, and Parts

Since 1978, we have been committed to helping travelers build a lifetime of travel memories. Our products are designed to last to provide you with an exceptional ownership experience for years to come, but if something happens, we’re here to help!



    Ordering Replacement Parts

    We make some replacement parts available to order for customers who prefer to make repairs themselves (or who would like to take the parts to a preferred repair center). Please Contact Us to check on availability.

    Do-It-Yourself Repair Videos

    Need a little help with a repair? Easy-to-follow instructions are available with step-by-step how-to videos on our FAQs page under the "Service" heading.


    If Covered by Warranty

    • If repairable, Ricardo Beverly Hills will repair it at no cost to you. (If originally shipped to the service center, we will ship it back to you at our expense, within 90 days of receiving your original luggage.)
    • If not repairable, Ricardo Beverly Hills will replace it with the same bag, if available; or one comparable in size, style & quality. The new bag will be shipped directly to you, within 90 days of receiving your original luggage. (NOTE: The original bag will be retained.)

    If Not Covered by Warranty

    If your product is NOT COVERED by the warranty, you may:

    • Have the product repaired at your expense, at an agreed price with the Service Center (If repairable)
    • Have the product returned back to you unrepaired (if shipped to the Service Center, you are responsible for shipping charges)
    • Have the Service Center dispose of the product at your request

    Obtain Warranty Service

    If you have an issue with your bag, our Customer Care experts will refer you to an authorized Service Center near you.

    Proceed with Warranty/Repair Request

    We will send you an email directing you to an Authorized Service Center for an evaluation of your luggage. The luggage must be carried in or shipped prepaid and insured (recommended). The following documents must be included with each piece of luggage:

    • A COPY OF THE PURCHASE RECEIPT to determine warranty applicability.

    The Service Center will assess the luggage and determine if repairable under the warranty.

    Ricardo Beverly Hills reserves the right to make the final judgment on all claims. Please complete the Warranty Evaluation form below to proceed with the repair & service process. Please DO NOT send your product directly to Ricardo Beverly Hills.

    Proceed with Warranty/Repair Request