Testing and Durability

Our luggage has been meticulously tested for unmatched durability. Our goal is to ensure that your luggage can be your travel partner for every adventure to come.

Testing and Durability

Handle System Test

The Handle System Test constitutes a rigorous evaluation of the functionality and durability of a suitcase's handle mechanism. This examination is conducted to ascertain the smoothness of the handle's extension and retraction, with an emphasis on the absence of any sticking or structural deficiencies. Furthermore, the test assesses the handle's capacity to support the weight of a fully loaded suitcase without deformation or breakage. The integrity and user-friendliness of the handle are paramount, as they directly impact the ease of transporting luggage.

Handle Jerk Test

The Handle Jerk Test is designed to simulate sudden and forceful tugs or jolts that a suitcase handle may endure during its service life. Engineers subject the handle to abrupt, vigorous movements to gauge its resistance to snapping or loosening. This evaluation ensures that the handle can endure unexpected and strenuous handling without compromising its structural integrity.

Zipper Test

The Zipper Test is conducted to scrutinize the operational reliability and endurance of a suitcase's zippers. The assessment entails numerous cycles of opening and closing the zippers to confirm their smooth operation without incidents of breakage or jamming. The objective is to guarantee that the zippers function seamlessly, thereby averting the inconvenience associated with malfunctioning closures during travel.

Mileage Test

The Mileage Test is focused on assessing the robustness and resilience of a suitcase's wheels. Engineers subject the suitcase to various surfaces and terrains, including uneven and rugged pathways, to gauge the wheels' capacity to withstand extensive usage. This examination ensures that the suitcase remains highly maneuverable and can accompany travelers over extended distances with ease.

Tumble Test

The Tumble Test replicates scenarios where a suitcase might experience uncontrolled falls or rough handling. It involves subjecting the suitcase to repeated drops from various heights to evaluate its ability to withstand such impacts without incurring structural damage or compromising its contents.

Drop Test

Similar to the Tumble Test, the Drop Test assesses the suitcase's resilience against falls and impacts. Engineers conduct controlled drops from different elevations to verify that the suitcase maintains its structural integrity, thus safeguarding both the suitcase itself and the belongings within.