Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a list of questions to help you get the most out of your bags.

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    What is the difference between a Carry-On and a Small Carry-On?

    The Carry-On: A carry-on is designed to be stored in the overhead bin during flight. For the average traveler, it will hold enough items for a short trip lasting up to three nights or can be used as an additional case along with a checked bag for longer trips.

    The Small Carry-On: The small carry-on is designed to be stored either in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you on larger planes during flight. It can serve as a supplemental bag to your larger carry-on to stow in-flight and travel essentials for easy access while flying, or it can also be used for a quick trip when packing extra light is the goal.

    Can I travel with both the Carry-On and the Small Carry-On?

    In many cases, yes. The small carry-on fits securely atop a larger carry-on for easy transport and qualifies as a personal item for major airlines and larger planes. When in doubt, we always recommend checking with your particular airline/flight for the most up-to-date information.

    What is considered a Personal Item?

    The specific size requirements vary from airline to airline (and sometimes they don’t exist at all), but what remains consistent across airlines is that a personal item must fit under the seat in front of you while in flight. We designed our travel totes and backpacks to meet that requirement for major airlines and larger planes. Depending on the airline, our Small Carry-Ons may also qualify as a Personal Item.

    I see some suitcase styles have USB charging capability. Do you also offer a complimentary battery?

    We do offer a variety of luggage with a range of features—including some collections that offer a convenient smart-charging system for staying powered up on the go. While the battery isn’t included, we do offer an ultra-slim Ricardo Power Bank Quick-Charge Battery for purchase.

    My luggage was damaged by an airline, what can I do?

    If you purchased and registered Ricardo luggage that came with a First Year of Ownership Quality Guarantee, and the damage has occurred within the one-year coverage period, Ricardo Beverly Hills will repair or replace your suitcase free of charge. Please visit our Service and Repairs page for next steps.

    If the above does not apply, file a claim with your airline’s baggage service office before leaving the airport or as soon as possible thereafter. They will examine your bag and provide instructions on how to proceed.


    How Do I Register?

    You can quickly register via our easy online form. You’ll just need your style number (see below for more info), your address/phone number, and the location and date of your purchase.

    If your item came with a photo-register card, simply follow the instructions on the card to complete your registration and receive your gift with purchase (where applicable; see your hangtag for details).

    What is My 'Style Number'?

    Your Style Number is located on the back of the hangtag that came attached to your luggage as well as on a label sewn into the interior lining of your luggage. It will look something like 105-21-001-4WB. For Costco customers, you can also use the ITM/ART number located on the packaging and/or hangtag that came with your purchase.

    You can also enter the collection name of your item(s) in the Style Number field when registering. Just be sure to select the correct size and color of your purchase in the dropdown list.

    How do I receive a Tile Bluetooth Tracker?

    Thank you for your interest in our Tile program! We have been happy to provide Tile Bluetooth Trackers as a thank-you gift to customers since 2016. Regretfully, our supplies have been exhausted, and our Tile program has come to an end. However, we are excited to offer a new thank-you gift with registration of selected wheeled luggage over $99—lifetime Lost and Found Coverage powered by ReturnMe. Learn more about our coverage.

    Please note: we are unable to ship thank-you gifts to addresses outside of the United States.

    International Registration

    We have recently updated our registration process, and it is no longer necessary for international customers to register their purchases. In the unlikely event that warranty service is needed, you’ll simply need your style number (located on a tag sewn into the lining of your luggage interior) and proof of purchase. Warranty claims will be coordinated by the distributor in your country.


    How do I set the TSA lock on my suitcase?

    There are a number of different TSA-recognized locks. To find the type of lock used on your luggage and instructions on how to set or reset the lock, just visit our TSA Locks Instructions page.

    I forgot my TSA lock code; how do I get into my suitcase?

    Don’t panic; all is not lost. We recommend two options:

    1. Try every possible combination 0-0-0 through 9-9-9 (it may not take as long as you think)
    2. Contact a local luggage Service Center or locksmith for expert help (you may need to pay to have your lock replaced).

    Can I order replacement parts for my luggage?

    Sometimes a well-traveled suitcase may need a little TLC. We do our best to make a selection of replacement parts available (like wheels, handles, and zipper pullers). Please Contact Us for availability and options.

    How do I install replacement parts?

    Our Customer Care Team is happy to assist you in ordering replacement parts for your luggage (when available). Need help installing your new parts? Here are a few step-by-step videos that you may find helpful.

    How to Replace Your TSA Luggage Lock

    How to Replace your Telescoping Handle

    How to Replace your Luggage Spinner Wheels

    Can I travel with a battery in my Carry-On?

    The Ricardo Power Bank Quick-Charge Battery meets all requirements set by the FAA and TSA for power banks that are allowed in a plane’s cabin/overhead bin. Learn more about flying with batteries and how to pack safe with from the FAA.

    Please note that carry-ons equipped with our smart-charging system do not include a battery (ejectable or otherwise) or any components that need to be removed at a security check or to board an aircraft.

    How do I use the tech charging feature?

    A number of our suitcases feature smart tech-charging capabilities with an integrated USB charging port, battery pouch, and internally routed cord.

    To charge your device, simply plug the internally routed cord into your portable battery and place it in the battery pouch. Next, slide the clear, protective cover on the USB port to the open position. Plug your device’s charging cord into the USB port and connect it to your device. Don’t forget to activate your battery, if it doesn’t automatically begin charging your device.

    Power up!


    I would like to sell your products. Who should I contact?

    To help us direct you to the sales representative in your territory, please provide the name and location of your store and other brands you carry on our contact form. If you are an online business, please specify the URL of your website.

    We would like to distribute Ricardo Beverly Hills. Who should we contact?

    Thank you in advance for your interest in working with us. Please indicate the name, location and website for your distribution business on our contact form and someone will get back to you shortly.