Service and Repairs

Service and Repairs

Since 1978, we have provided an exceptional ownership experience to countless travelers who built a lifetime of memories while traveling with our products. Our product warranty stems from our mission and we are committed to helping you enjoy an enhanced travel experience for many years.

Your Ricardo and Stephanie Johnson products are made to last, but if something happens, we’re here to help. Each product is protected by a specific Warranty. Check your product hangtag to find the applicable warranty for your bag.



We make some replacement parts available to order for customers who prefer to make repairs themselves (or who would like to take the parts to a preferred repair center). Please Contact Us to check on availability. You can also view our step-by-step how-to videos on our FAQs page under the "Service" heading.


How to obtain Warranty service

If a defect arises in the product during the warranty period and you wish to take advantage of this limited warranty, you must register or have registered your product and provide proof of purchase. To register, visit

When registration is complete, log in to our website to view your registered product(s) and submit a warranty claim form along with supporting video or photos of the defect (required). Once submitted, you will receive an email from our Customer Care Team to further assist with your claim.

If a defect is confirmed, one of the following actions will be taken at Ricardo’s discretion:

(1) We will repair the product using either new or refurbished parts (if only one component is defective, only the defective component will be replaced). You will be responsible for shipping costs to the service center. Or (2) we will replace the product with either a new or a refurbished product that is the same as or comparable-to the product you purchased. You will not be responsible for return shipping costs associated with the new/refurbished product.

Your satisfaction is always our priority and we will make every effort to ensure that any replacement product provided is the closest comparable product that we have available. However, no assurance, representation, or warranty is offered that a replacement product will be identical to your original purchase.

Your existing Limited Warranty coverage period and coverage terms will apply to any replacement product or new part(s) either (1) for the remainder of the original warranty period or (2) for 90 days from the time the replaced/repaired product(s) are shipped to you—whichever period is longer.

Product(s) for which a refund or replacement is given will be retained as property of Ricardo.

Service Outside of Warranty

Should you require service not covered by the Limited Warranty, you can locate a Service Center by visiting our website at, or by calling 1.800.724.7496 (USA). Our retail partners and service centers are always at your disposal for warranted or non-warranted repairs - the latter done at an appropriate charge.


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