Montecito 2.0

Introducing Montecito 2.0: Elevate Your Travel Experience with Style and Functionality


Montecito 2.0 offers a luggage collection designed to elevate your travel experience with a perfect blend of style and functionality. Whether you prefer hard side or soft side pieces, our collection has you covered.

Hard Side Pieces: Built to Last and Impress

Crafted from durable 100% polycarbonate, Montecito 2.0 hard side pieces ensure the safety of your belongings. Enjoy effortless maneuverability with the ergonomic telescoping handle and recessed 360° dual wheels. The Travel Sentry® approved combination lock provides added security, while the expandable feature allows for extra packing space. With top and side carry handles, along with a secure ID card holder and vegan-leather accents, these pieces exude elegance and practicality.

 Soft Side Pieces: Versatile and Tech-Savvy

Montecito 2.0 soft side pieces offer versatility and modern features. The abrasion- and water-repellent treatment keeps your luggage looking fresh. Enjoy convenient charging on the go with the integrated USB port*. The telescoping handle, padded handles, and recessed dual wheels ensure effortless mobility. Benefit from lockable zippers, TSA-approved locks, and an expandable packing capacity. The discreet ID holder, bottom skid guard, and perforated vegan-leather accents add to the overall appeal.

 Both hard side and soft side pieces boast spacious compartments, adjustable compression straps, and zippered pockets.  Montecito 2.0: Style Meets Functionality

 * carry on size only

7 products

7 products