Packing Tips from Ricardo Team Members

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Packing for a trip can be an overwhelming task, depending on how long and where you are going. But with a little planning and organization, it can be a breeze. We asked a few team members accustomed to roaming the world what are their top travel packing tips.

Here are some tips for proficient packing:

 1.  Make a list: Before you begin packing, make a list of everything you need to bring, especially electronics, these extra USB cords or charging batteries for your device can be costly once you are at the airport! This will help you stay organized and ensure you don't forget anything important.

 2. Check the local weather: nowadays you can find out with great accuracy the temperature and weather pattern you’ll be dealing with at your destination ten days in advance. If not 100% accurate, it will give you precise information on if you’ll need rainproof gear or Hawaiian shirts.

 3. Roll your clothes: This is a must! Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them. You can easily pack 8-10 t-shirts and 3 pairs of pants in a carry-on compartment. This will save space in your suitcase and help prevent wrinkles.

 4. Pack multi-purpose items: Choose clothing of neutral colors and accessories that can be worn or used in multiple ways depending on the weather. This will save space and reduce the number of items you need to bring.

 5. Use packing cubes: Packing cubes are a great way to keep your clothes organized and save space in your suitcase. They come in various sizes and can be used to separate your clothes by type or by outfit. This becomes very useful as the trip gets longer and you live out of a suitcase for several days. If you are traveling for a formal event (destination wedding, Award ceremonies, business function, uniforms wearing function) consider a garment bag.

 6. Pack a day bag: We often do this. Many of us when traveling bring an empty sling bag or backpack and shove it into a carry-on duffel or roll it and lay it flat into a carry-on. Why? For one, you can use it as a day bag while you're out and about. 2) you can bring back more souvenirs. 3) This will allow you to bring only the essentials and leave your larger suitcase in the hotel room.

 7. Pack travel-size toiletries: Instead of bringing full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries, opt for travel-size versions. This will save space and weight in your suitcase.

 8. Wear your heaviest clothes: another must! If you're traveling to a cold climate, wear your heaviest clothes and layer on the plane to save space in your suitcase, hoodies, jackets, and hats will take up a lot of space quickly and are easy to roll (see above). it will prevent your carry-on from being flagged as “too heavy”, especially if traveling within Europe where many local Airlines are enforcing fees on luggage over 10kg (22lb or so)

9. Finally, if you are traveling to California, don’t forget your sunglasses!


By following these tips, you can pack efficiently and have more room for souvenirs on your return trip. Happy travels!


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