How Ricardo Luggage Keeps Me Organized // The Cupertino Collection

We always love great packing tips and tricks to keep organized while traveling. Esther Santer, lifestyle blogger and expert on all things New York, shares her recent experience traveling with our Cupertino carry-on—and how it helped her successfully travel light and stay organized across three countries!

Esther Santer with Ricardo Cupertino Hybrid Luggage Collection - sitting on a stoop in NYC next to carry-on suitcase

Esther Santer with Ricardo Cupertino Hybrid Luggage Collection - walking away with carry-on suitcase

Esther Santer with Stephanie Johnson Miami Collection - zipping up a clear, stylish bag for organized packing


It’s pretty obvious by now how much I love Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage because their suitcases have traveled with me to six countries already. They’ll also be coming with me to St. Louis next week when I visit my family for Passover. I was originally introduced to Ricardo luggage via the Arris collection, which I brought with me on my honeymoon. The bags were everything my husband I were looking for and you can find my full review on the blog, but these days I’ve been using the Cupertino carry-on. The Cupertino has the hard case I love, with the added bonus of a quick-access zippered front compartment -- game changer!

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