Get to Know Eco-Conscious Dreamfel® Fabric

Get to Know Eco-Conscious Dreamfel® Fabric

 Dreamfel Fabric & Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage


What is dreamfel?

We chose to include this dream textile in each of the exteriors of our Malibu Bay luggage collection because of its lightweight nature, durability, and environmental advantages.

Take a closer look at all there is to love about dreamfel®.


Environmental Friendliness

dreamfel® is made of 100% polypropylene, consisting exclusively of carbon and hydrogen. Manufacturing utilizes a leading vertically integrated process, which reduces emissions and creates very little waste material. Both water and energy are saved by solution dyeing the fabric pre-weaving. The fabric is also approved by the FDA and OEKO-TEX standards.



Strength & Durability

The tough, rugged fabrication of dreamfel® ensures that it will withstand prolonged exposure to the elements. The performance-grade fabric has become commonly used in outdoor and indoor furniture collections because of its colorfastness and extreme durability.




Polypropylene is extremely lightweight – it’s 30% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon, retaining a performance level as strong as polyester. Regardless of activity, weight saved means energy is saved for an improved performance. Fabrics woven with dreamfel® also offer a soft and smooth feeling.


Easy to Clean

dreamfel® is pre-colored by the solution-dyed process so the color is part of the fiber itself, meaning it will hold color longer than other fibers and the color will not bleed. It will not react to ordinary chemicals or degrade in their presence, making it easy to clean. It’s also the most water resistant of all commonly used fibers.





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