On Being True to Yourself with Beauty Guru Olia Majd

On Being True to Yourself with Beauty Guru Olia Majd

Olia Majd has made quite a name for herself in travel and style—and provides a constant stream of inspiration for her devoted fans through her blog Love, Olia and social media accounts. During a recent collaboration with this San Diego fashion maven, she traveled with our Arris collection (find out why she “can’t live without it”, and get her Packing Tips for the Glam Girl). We couldn’t resist the opportunity to chat with Olia and learn more about how she created her dream lifestyle through travel, beauty, and ambition.

Travel and Style Blogger Olia Majd on her trip to Sonoma

Travel and Style Blogger Olia Majd on her trip to Sonoma, Napa

Ricardo: Your life’s journey has not only taken you around the world but through some pretty major professional changes. Can you tell us a little more about your journeys through life? 

Majd: Absolutely! Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be independent and make something for myself. Although I was never a big fan of school, I knew college was the right path for me. I attended San Diego State University and graduated with a business degree in accounting. I’ve always been so motivated to work that I had an internship the summer before I was set to graduate and luckily was guaranteed a full-time staff accountant position with the company after completing my degree.

I was happy for a bit, but after about a year or so, I was not feeling as motivated. The thought of doing it the rest of my life had me in a bit of a panic. My mother has always been an esthetician. She encouraged me to work with her, and I had always said no. However, I had this weight on my shoulders telling me: “why not give it a chance?” I thought, “I’m at a point in my life where I am young and have few responsibilities. This is the time to make mistakes, pick myself back up, and try new things. So I did exactly that. I went back to school and got my license to become an esthetician. I quit my accounting job and went to work full time with my mother. The blog was born about 6 months later!

How have you known when to travel from one chapter of your life to another?

I’ve always been one to listen to my heart in a sensible way. I’m a very responsible person but I do believe that we only live once and that it’s important to live life to the fullest to experience everything you can. If you aren’t happy in a job, change it. But don’t just complain and wish – actually make everyday steps to get to where you want to be! That’s how I view life.

Being French and Persian, you say that your European influence carries through into your love for style. What is something that you think is distinctly European about your style?

When it comes to beauty, French women focus solely on skin care more than makeup. Being that I grew up with a mother who is a French esthetician, I’ve literally lived and breathed skin care my entire life. Let me tell you – it works. Skincare is where I focus most of my energy. Yes, I wear makeup but it’s very minimal compared to a lot of other people I know. However, my skin care regimen is probably a little more extreme than most women I know too! (laughs) I also believe in always having a polished, put-together look which most Europeans exude. 

One must-have that you always take with you?

A face mask. I am obsessed!


Tell us about an experience you’ve had on a trip that you will never forget?

I’ve definitely met some incredible “strangers” along the way. It always shocks me how people can do so much good in the world.


Is there something about taking your Instagram followers along with you visually on your journeys that makes the experience even more special?

I want my followers to feel that they are there with me in the moment. I love when they interact or tell me where I should go and visit. It makes it feel like we connect on a different level. I love responding to my followers and having a friendship with them.

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting started as a travel or style blogger?

Be ambitious, be curious and be true to yourself. Always. Don’t ever let anyone get you down and do it because you truly love it—not for any other reason!


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