Ricardo + ReturnMe®

Your Lifetime Lost & Found Coverage

We are excited to partner with ReturnMe to offer you free lost and found coverage, so you can travel better (and more securely) with peace of mind knowing your luggage is protected anywhere you travel.

Available on wheeled carry-ons and check-ins over $99 from our website and selected collections at our retail partners.



Millions of bags are lost or misdirected each year. ReturnMe, the world’s largest global recovery service company, helps return lost items to their rightful owners all over the globe. With an 80%+ recovery rate, your ReturnMe tag(s) will help identify and protect whatever luggage, bags, or other personal items you chose to protect.



This complimentary lost and found coverage is valid with the purchase of a wheeled suitcase from selected Ricardo collections.

activate, attach, enjoy.  

1. Activate Your Coverage
Once you receive your ReturnMe tag, activate it in less than a minute with your unique ID number on the Ricardo + ReturnMe activation page.

2. Attach Tag to Bag
With the included stainless steel loop.

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind 
Knowing that your personal information is secure (goodbye old fashion luggage ID tags!) and your luggage is covered 24/7 with lifetime lost and found recovery service from ReturnMe—no matter where you travel.



When someone reports your luggage as found, ReturnMe will provide the finder with a reward and help facilitate the luggage’s return by contacting you right away with their 24/7 support. They’ll let you know you can rest easy and provide you with options for quickly getting your luggage back to you.

To learn more about how ReturnMe works, click here.