Copy of Product Registration

Product Registration

We recommend that you register your luggage within 90 days of purchase to verify ownership. Some of our products require registration in order to benefit from our best-in-class First Year Quality Guarantee. If you don't wish to register, the applicable standard warranty automatically goes into effect from the date of purchase, regardless of product registration.

To register your luggage, you'll need the following information:

  • Style number: Located on the back of your hangtag, or on a small white tag on the interior of your luggage
  • Receipt / Invoice: Uploading a receipt is optional, but it can serve as proof of ownership for warranty services, and if your product qualifies for a gift (see product hangtag for info).
  • Date of purchase: On your receipt or online invoice
  • Name of retailer

US Residents - Register Your Product Now


Why Register Your Product?

  • Confirmation of ownership: Your registration can serve as proof of purchase when you upload a copy of your receipt.
  • Support: Faster warranty service and support
  • News and Special Offers: Receive the latest product news and our special promotions
  • Our Thanks: Your purchase may qualify for a complimentary gift (see product hangtag for info). Uploading a copy of your receipt is required.

International Registrations

NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED. For international customers, warranty goes into effect from the date of purchase.