Ricardo Beverly Hills or "Ricardo" is an American brand inspired by California’s west coast lifestyle, offering high-quality luggage and travel accessories at accessible prices to travelers around the globe.

Brand Influences

The Ricardo Beverly Hills journey began in 1978, in the vibrant lifestyle of Beverly Hills. Its rich experience, luxury atmosphere, and progressive architecture were pivotal sources of inspiration. Motivated by creativity and captivated by the spirit of the west coast, we create modern travel solutions for a life on the go.

Ricardo Beverly Hills, The Ultimate Travel Experience

We are inspired by the refined relaxation of an idyllic California lifestyle.
This sensibility extends far beyond our modern product designs into our streamlined online shopping experiences and other storytelling platforms—it’s an experiential connection that lasts well after the point of purchase.
We foster and champion real relationships between our fans and the brand.

Our Community

We are loved by individuals who appreciate life’s rich human experiences.

Our fans are globally and culturally curious and are focused on finding a balance between work and leisure. They are smart, in-the-know, and want to experience new places. They love the thrill of a new destination and will hop on a plane or into a car for a weekend getaway at a moment’s notice.

A global range of Influencers constantly feature Ricardo products in their stories

Our fans are confident, successful in their careers, and well-traveled with a diverse collection of worldly experiences. They are admirers of modern architecture and clean design aesthetics. They regularly indulge in retail therapy and make buying decisions based on quality and value.

They like to connect with brands on both personal and emotional levels.
By sharing their travel stories while traveling effortlessly with our products—our brand commitment to exploration, quality, and style is reaffirmed. It is this connection that bolsters authentic, long-term relationships between us and our fans.